A Profile of Courage & Perseverance

Today Google Alerts popped an interesting article in front of me about the Indian Army bestowing an Honorary Rank to some civilians. It read thus “Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra will don the olive green uniform on Tuesday along with combat specialist Deepak Annaji Rao, who is being conferred with the honorary rank of Major.” It didn’t warrant a closer look and I casually almost dismissed it as a news report. But what struck me was that one of the recipients, Deepak Rao was being honoured for imparting special commando training to the Armed Forces for the last 17 years. Sometimes courage demands more than a single act of exemplary bravery, seeking instead the painstaking perseverance of repeated acts of courage over many years. Intrigued I delved further to discover the mettle behind this man. From what I found, he is no stranger to the Soldiers’ way of life and it’s eternal ethos. Here is a profile of impeccable & enduring courage: Prof. Dr. Deepak Annaji Rao

Update: Another young blogger has raised a very important question after reading this article.

Honor is of Highest Value

Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao is an MD, PhD & DSc (Mili Sc) by education and has served the nation in individual capacity for 18 long years in the spirit of selfless service. His journey began when he was inspired by Chanakya’s famous words “High class individuals strive for honour, for them money and fame are secondary interests.” All of 47 years, Deepak Rao along with his wife Dr. Seema Rao has spent his life giving his expertise & talents towards training the Indian Army and Indian Forces. He has trained almost every elite Indian force in modern Close Quarter Combat for 18 years without accepting any compensation, as a Selfless service to the Nation.

Note: In case you are wondering what Close Quarter Combat or Close Quarter Battle is, it is the art of fighting the enemy at close quarters. This range of combat is a relatively new area having greater significance today due to the proliferation of insurgency and proxy wars. It consists of both Unarmed and Armed Combat, Reflex shooting and Small team tactics.

Pioneering Research

Based on his experience in training the Indian forces, Prof. Dr. Rao developed an indigenous method of Reflex Shooting and was invited by Army Commanders to impart this modern reflex shooting method to Army Corp Battle Schools. This indigenous Indian research is now replacing outdated British World War-II methods. He is responsible for pioneering modern CQB training, helping change outdated World War II methodology and spreading CQB training all over India.

Beyond The Call Of Duty

Often times, we limit ourselves to lives of lesser passion and lower ideals for numerous reasons. Very few of us whether civilians or soldiers rise beyond and above the Call of Duty. One such individual, Prof. Dr. Rao has spent all his life researching and developing various CQB skills for the use of his country’s forces and has been called by various Service and Force Chiefs to impart innovative CQB training as Guest Instructor. He has given his expertise in CQB for the last 17 years to train about 15000 soldiers from various Indian forces without compensation. He is the first Indian to specialize in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Training and has played an important role in modernizing Close Quarter Battle Training for Indian Army Commands and has imparted modern CQB training to various Indian State Police forces under directive of Home Ministry of India.

Forces Trained

Almost all elite forces of India have been trained by Dr.Rao

• Infantry Battalions, Divisions, Corps & Commands

• Indian Army – Commando Wing, Para & Special Forces

• Indian Navy – Marine Commandos

• Indian Air Force – Garud Special Forces

• National Security Guard – Black Cats

• Academies – Army Officers Training Academy & National Police Academy

• Central Police Orgs – ITBP, BSF

• State & City Police Forces – major Indian States & Cities

Prolific Author

• Dr. Rao has authored the first Encyclopedia on Close Quarter Battle Training in the world. This book was found useful by the FBI, INTERPOL & SWAT and the book found its place in Police Libraries all over the world. This book was also distributed by Hon. P Chidambaram Home Minister to various Indian Forces.

• Wrote the first book on Military Unarmed Combat in the world “Commando Manual of Unarmed Combat” which was distributed by the current Indian Army Chief to relevant Army formations.

• Authored the first Indian Textbook on “World Terrorism”, which was distributed by Home   Ministry to Indian Forces.

• All the above books were solely produced for the Indian forces, without being sold commercially, using his own life’s earnings. No money was accepted from the Indian forces and thousands of copies were gifted free to the Govt.


  • First Indian to get World Peace Award at World Peace Congress in Malaysia, for his work towards his country in 2008.
  • Outstanding Law Enforcement Instructor Award from US Martial arts Hall of Fame in 2009.
  • Felicitated by current Army Chief Citation at Ministry of Defence in 2010.
  • Home Ministry Appointment – First Indian civilian to be appointed as Official Training Resource persons by Ministry of Home Affairs.


  • Army Chief Appreciation, 2001
  • Army Chief Appreciation, 2005
  • Army Commanders Appreciation, 2007
  • Army Commanders Appreciation, 2008
  • Home Ministers Appreciation, 2009
  • Army Chief Appreciation, 2010


Prof. Dr. Rao founded an organization UCCA whose goal is researching, innovating and imparting modern CQB training to Indian forces only. The UCCA is made of few retired service officers and other expert Instructors and is unique in the sense that it accepts no donations, no sponsorship and no grants from anybody. It works with meager earnings of Prof. Dr. Rao and via this organisation, he has spread modern CQB training to every nook and corner of Indian forces. His goal is to continue working towards contributing to the Indian forces.


• Reflex Shooting Instructor

• Asia’s only CLET (Certified Law Enforcement Trainer) certified by ASLET (American Society Law Enforcement Training)

• 8th deg Blackbelt in Military Martial arts

• PADI-SCUBA Deep Sea Diving Instructor

• Offensive Driving Instructor

• Qualified Doctor in Medicine.

• Guest Instructor in CQB for Indian Forces under invitation.

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3 thoughts on “A Profile of Courage & Perseverance

  1. Arjun says:

    A lot of people claim to do a lot for the nation. I remember the great wealthy guys of India and overseas committing to donate half of their wealth to the poor and I think what a great way to lead your life. But then I come across someone who decided to give his entire life to the nation and I realize the magnitude of his sacrifice. My humble salute to a great man of honour!

    • I was just reading the Twitter backlash over Kim Kardashian’s divorce and people harping about how much money could have been saved to build schools and hospitals in needy places instead of splurging on a wedding that was to be annulled in a month anyways. We are quick to catch on to monetary service and will always dole out a few coins to purchase ‘good karma’ but very few have the gumption and genuine courage to pledge a lifetime of selfless service in the face of social & financial difficulties. When such warriors show their righteous selves, it is our duty as simple soldier scribes to write about these unsung heroes just like Simonides honoured the brave Greeks who fell at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

  2. […] Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao, a military trainer, scientist, author, and physician is an authority in the field of Close Quarter Battle training. He was commissioned into the Para TA Regiment with the Hon. Rank of Major by the President of India on 1 Nov 2011 for his contribution of 17 years in modernization of Close Quarter Battle for the Indian Army. He serves as the Executive Director of the Unarmed & Commando Combat Academy and has been appointed as Resource Personnel for imparting training in Close Quarter Battle by the Ministry of Home Affairs, India. […]

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